Morgan Olson Warranty / Service Contacts

Warranty/Service Phone (800)262-3437

Warranty/Service Fax (269)659-0272

Warranty Manager,  Andrew Oberc

Warranty Supervisor, Chad Danbury,  (269)659-0520,

Warranty Specialist,  Chris Ingersoll,  (269)659-0253,

Warranty Coordinator, Kelsi Snyder,  (269)659-0282, 

Office Hours: M-F 8:00AM - 5:00PM (EST)


To register your Walk-In Van with our warranty department please use this link.


Proper Warranty/Repair Procedure.


Contact Morgan Olson Service/Warranty Department @ 800-262-3437, before beginning repairs.

a. We will supply wiring diagrams and technical advice as necessary.

Technical advice will help keep repair costs/time lower and help technicians that are less familiar with our products.


b. Provide assistance with issue assessment,  Body issues VS. Chassis issues.

If Body is determined, we will help differentiate between warranty and customer pay.

If Chassis is determined, we can provide proper contact information for Chassis Manufacturers.


c. We will supply warranty parts at no charge. Return of defective parts and/or photographs may be required.


d. If repairs are under warranty, we will provide case number and estimate approval procedure.


e. Submit invoice for payment when repair is complete.

We pay by credit card, we will process your request and call to pay.

If you have a credit card authorization form, please provide with invoice for payment.