Morgan Olson Timeline

This has been the mission and the driving force behind Morgan Olson since its inception.

The idea for the first aluminum bodied truck originated in Brooklyn New York when the owner of a laundry complained to a friend that their steel truck bodies were too just heavy. This friend, Jimmy Olson, did not know much about truck bodies, but with about 10 laundry companies in Brooklyn alone, he saw a market for lighter trucks. An aluminum body would be lighter than steel, would last longer and could handle the moisture and corrosive substances associated with the laundry business. Over the course of the next few years Jimmy Olson and his partners developed the first ever aluminum walk-in body, which would be named the Kurbside. As its demand grew, so did its offerings. More sizes, more options, all with the same mission in mind – listen to the customer and build to their needs. Mr. Olson was also successful in convincing Chevrolet to provide body builders with a true stripped chassis to eliminate the modification of cab chassis or cowl chassis.

Over the years, many successful, industry leading companies have chosen Morgan Olson to provide them with innovative delivery vehicles to get their product to their customers, on-time, every time. Today, Morgan Olson continues its tradition as the leading walk-in van body manufacturer in North America. Morgan Olson’s portfolio of customers serves a multitude of industries and delivery applications. From baking and snack foods to newspaper, textile rental, vending and parcel delivery, the industry choice is clear. As the industry leader, Morgan Olson walk-in van bodies set the standard for durability and dependability. Our walk-in van bodies are custom built to your exact specifications and delivery needs, meaning your drivers become more productive and your business more profitable. Morgan Olson remains committed to our core values: innovation, quality, delivery and dedication to not only meet our customers’ needs, but exceed their expectations.

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